Wanna Go Glamping?

It's glamorous camping, you know, glamping!


Shih-Ming Yao
March 5, 2013

If you’ve never heard of ‘glamping’ then you need to watch the video below first to understand a whole new way of life that was introduced to Britons on 2012 thanks to the hit reality TV show ‘The Only Way is Essex.’

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The Glam Camping Company has now capitalized on this exploding phenomenon and set up a website where you too can buy items to make sure you’re the most glamorous thing out in the wilderness. Everything you need from sleeping bags, hammocks and cooking utensils to chandeliers and firepits are all available on Glam Camping’s website.

We’re not sure if North Americans will embrace glamping like the Brits have but in case they do, you can say you read it here first.