oprah ugly cry

The Ugly Cry

It's not pretty.


Shih-Ming Yao
March 3, 2013

Crying is usually that physical tipping point, an emotional outpouring from the body, pain, sadness, happiness leaving the body. Here are our ugliest criers in no particular order.

When Katie Holmes told James Van Der Beek that she was impregnated with her cryogenically frozen twin:

dawsons creek
And then this happened:

oprah tom cruise
And then this happened:

Any time Roger Federer loses a grand slam:

roger federer crying
When the Nielsen Ratings came in and the UK Office was voted better than the US Office:

the office crying

In North Korea, this was ‘Kim Jong Deux’ when he was born 3 seconds after Kim Jong Un:

asian baby crying

Watching the last ever episode of the Oprah Winfrey Show (true story):

last oprah ep guy

A contestant was told if she pulled hard enough candy would come out from the TRX:

Biggest loser

When Ru Paul told Jujubee that Rihanna had that hair colour 2 years ago:

Ru Paul- JuJuBee

 When you try to keep that cry in, but you just can’t stop it:

NG ugly crier

When it was decided that 16 year-olds should not be allowed on talent contests for THIS reason:

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And, of course, that time when no one would leave Britney alone… and Chris Crocker hadn’t discovered water proof eye liner:leave britney alone