body hair

The Long and Short of It

New doc answers the question "Hair or no hair?"


Shih-Ming Yao
March 17, 2013

The age old question of what to do with body hair has plagued mankind for a long time — or at least since Mr. Gillette and Lady Schick made us feel icky about our God-given mammalian fur.

In the 80s a bit of Tom Selleck chest fuzz was in, the 90s saw smooth, ripply, manscaped bodies prancing along the beach, hipsters brought us back a little more au naturel in the aughts, and now a body smooth as a baby’s butt may be making a comeback. All this hair/sans-hair is liable to give us whiplash — or razor burn.

Just in time to save the day, Logo TV will air a documentary April 16 called ‘Long and Short of Body Hair.’ It’s not solely focused on the gay community, however — it seems like our heterosexual counterparts are also struggling with whether ┬áto keep it long, short or remove it altogether.