The Haters Need the Gays

Rollins says gays are a great fundraising tool for the right.


Terry Levine
March 4, 2013

Recently we reported about musician Henry Rollins’ strong words against homophobia and the Boy Scouts. But it’s not the first time the straight, politically active singer has had some provocative words to say about the gay haters and gay marriage.

In this interview for Big Think, he says: “I think [the gay marriage issue] has become a consistent and dependable fundraiser. If every homosexual person in America said ‘okay, we’re awful, we have a bad lifestyle, and we’ll slither under the rock that we should be living under and we’ll never be asked to be married again, so we’ll just take our queer asses and scuttle back into the slimy shadows where we belong, with the slugs,’ they would lose a major fundraising tool and people on the right would say ‘no, no, no, come back! We need you in the Bible Belt!”

It’s definitely worth watching.

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