Golden Girls Recap: Best Of Season Six

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March 4, 2013

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Blanche’s daughter wants to give birth in a birthing center; Blanche doesn’t want her to deliver in a local hospital, worried that the artificial insemination will become known and ruin her reputation. Meanwhile, Rose decides to fulfill a childhood dream of becoming an ice skater.


Favourite Quotes

Blanche: Yeah, but at least Dorothy’s pregnancy was an accident, my daughter did it on purpose. And went to  sperm bank! A sperm bank. Just the very idea of a bank having sperm.
Sophia: At least the government didn’t have to bail them out!

Dorothy: Cheesecake Rose?
Rose: Let’s taste it and find out.

Dorothy: Rose, listen, you don’t have to do anything to please your parents.
Sophia: She’s right, I’d like to be proud of Dorothy for something, but I’m not going to kill myself if that day never comes.


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