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Gay Men Make Less, More Educated

New study uncovers fascinating demographics.


March 5, 2013

Men in gay couples tend to make less than heterosexual men, while lesbians in same-sex couples make far more money than similar women in straight relationships.

Those are just two of the fascinating findings in a new report on same-sex couple demographics by the Williams Institute, a UCLA think tank that focuses on LGBT issues.

The study also finds, however, that same-sex couples — gay or lesbian — with both partners in the workforce make significantly more than straight couples: $94,000 versus $86,000 a year. Gary Gates, the study’s author, credits education for the gap: about 46 percent of people in same-sex relationships have a college degree but less than one-third of people in straight relationships do.

And why are gay men making less than their straight counterparts? Gates says it could be caused by discrimination or something less insidious:

“It could be in the form of gay men choosing occupations that are perhaps more accepting but actually pay less. For instance, they can get an office assistant job at the nonprofit that is more accepting than a for-profit.”

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