Crew Magazine reaches an affluent audience who spend.  According to the Canadian Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce, the LGBT market accounts for 7% of the population but 10% of consumer spending. With average incomes that are almost double the population, gays spend disportionately more in many categories including home renovation and décor, dining/alcohol and travel .

We’re creating an advertising environment that is friendly to mainstream advertisers.  Crew Magazine offers standard IAB Leaderboard, Medium Rectangle and Half-Page units as well as “rising star” units including the Billboard, Pushdown and and Filmstrip. Sponsorship packages include wallpaper, earlugs and sponsored content:

  • Short sponsored content is 50-100 words per piece and be published as part of a daily/weekly series, or as a one-off
  • Long form is up to 500 words
  • Images of advertiser’s choosing are included in both short and long form content

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